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Margaret Thevarakom Consulting

I  am an international collaboration consultant and professional coach who consults and builds capacity in the international development, not for profit and private sectors.

I focus espcially on partnering for impact, building organisational capacity, creating sustainable and impactful programmes and improving accountability to stakeholders.


Margaret Thevarakom

My Services

I offer customised packages or stand-alone consultations, trainings, webinars, coaching, assessments and project advisories aimed at the following:

My Unique Approach


My work is informed and shaped by the principle of UBUNTU – we are indeed united by our compassion and humanity towards each other.

Throughout my 29-years of leading and managing development programmes across Asia and Africa, this principle has enabled me to bring together multi-sector stakeholders with the common vision of creating better outcomes for humanity. I do this by focusing on the parties’ unique strengths and optimising on opportunities for mutual learning and growth.

Mindful Transformation

As a Transformational Coach, I focus on the 360-degree wellness of my clients and support them to live purposeful lives. My work particularly focuses on their unique gifts and guides them to overcome the barriers they face in sharing their gifts with their loved ones, professional community and the world, transforming themselves into change-agents if they so wish.

I offer a combination of corporate leadership principles and mind-body-spirit wellness and mindfulness tools where appropriate, to empower and help them step into their highest power and joy. Emerging and mid-career leaders and professionals find my approach particularly refreshing as “it has radically shifted my perspective and made me believe in myself and what I can do for the world.”

Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental health and well-being of workers and clients are a critical priority to the success of development work and the well-being of the world.

As the damaging impact of the pandemic continues to show up in the mental health of workers around the world, I now pay particular attention to the signs of pandemic stress on the nonprofit workers and care professionals I work with. For this ecosystem to thrive, I recommend that the well-being requirements of workers are taken into account into our projects.

How clients

will benefit

1. Strategic review and revision will enable clients to address mission creep if any, clarify their raison d’etre and focus their energy and resources on what is important to the organisation and redefine relevance in the face of disruptive changes in the evolving environment or ecosystem.

2. Updating their fundraising strategy and initiatives will ensure that clients secure adequate resources to support their work and ensure their sustainability.

3. Leadership succession plans ensure long term trust and credibility among stakeholders, and sustainability of the client.

4. Strategic partnerships will strengthen long term resourcing and sustainability of the client.

5. Conflict management and risk assessment, when well supported by a specialist, will enable the client to focus on their higher priority main mandates.

6. Robust and knowledge-based project and volunteer management frameworks, processes and systems will enable the client to rely on a transparent and accountable operation which stands up to scrutiny.

7. The client will be investing in building up the capacity of its people in a consistent and transparent way, openly demonstrating its commitment to grow its organisation and workforce.

8. The pandemic has had a damaging impact on human mental well-being in the last two years and organisations are discovering that investing in employee resilience and well-being is benefiting overall employee productivity and experience at the workplace.

My core expertise

Margaret Thevarakom

1. Charting non-profit strategy and ethical growth in Asia where I work with leadership teams to revisit and refresh their vision, mission, values and action plans in alignment with stakeholder interests and changing operating environments. Leadership transitions and succession planning are a critical aspect of this work.

2. Catalysing tri-sector partnerships for development across international borders, where I advise on a framework and processes for ethical and accountable partnerships.

3. International project management for development programmes where I consult on the full project management cycle.

4. Transformational coaching for emerging leaders, women and minority professionals, change agents and nonprofit workers, across diverse countries and cultures.

5. Enhancing organisational and team effectiveness, especially in the areas of employee productivity, training and well-being.

My Professional Experience and Track Record

Margaret Thevarakom

Recent and Current Clients

I have been consulting with nonprofits, academic institutions, and small businesses primarily in the Asia-Pacific.

My work includes the following:

• Strategic review, teambuilding and culture building for a nonprofit in the arts sector in Singapore

• Developing a Pandemic Wellness Pack and facilitating training for frontline workers of an NGO focused on child protection in India

• Developing and implementing a volunteer management strategy for a charity and social enterprise in Singapore and Indonesia respectively

• Social marketing strategy for a social enterprise serving migrant workers in Singapore

• Strategic review and marketing for an international holistic wellness service

• Participating in panel discussion on ethnic minority dynamics at a University in Singapore

• Impact evaluation of pandemic emergency care programmes at child-centred NGOs in India

• Researching a capacity building entry strategy into China for an international charity

• Facilitating strategic board retreat for a nonprofit foundation focused on responsible finance

• Reviewing and advising on a nonprofit’s strategic communications to boost alignment with stakeholders and funders in the area of sustainable finance

My coaching clients come from around the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa.

They appreciated my sessions with these words:


“She brings crystal clarity; strong focus and commitment; she is solution-oriented; she brought powerful insights on people and problems; she is optimistic and empowering; she is very professional, she has been catalyst for me to change; she is a gifted communicator and mediator; she is compassionate and empathetic.”

International Collaborations

For over 28 years, I have spear-headed collaborations involving international organisations, government agencies, not-for-profit agencies, cross-national corporations, donors, multi-sector stakeholders, and multidisciplinary professionals to build local capacity in global healthcare, education and social care in many parts of Asia and Africa.


Leadership, Organisational Development, Strategic Planning, Programming

I bring with me a strong track record in strategic planning, programming and implementation. In my previous role as Director of International Volunteerism at the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), I worked closely with stakeholders to revise and refine SIF’s 20-year International Volunteerism strategy to meet emerging stakeholder interests and development needs in the region.

Under my leadership (up to 2017), SIF introduced winning new programmes to extend its sphere of influence and impact of its programmes to audiences it had not reached before – for instance, bottom-of-pyramid communities through its signature Water for Life and Words on Wheels programmes and national and state-level leaders and professionals as in the Enhancing Maternal and Child Health Project in Tamil Nadu, India.

My experience in developing operational frameworks and guidelines is vast, demonstrated by the robust project management (PM), monitoring and evaluation (M&E), volunteer management (VM) and partnership management systems I introduced in SIF, which guide all its international development programmes and staff. SIF was awarded the Singapore President’s Award for Volunteerism in 2014 in recognition of its excellence in its International Volunteerism work.

Project Management, Capacity Building and Training

As a project manager, I have personally developed and managed more than 200 capacity building projects in more than 20 countries in Asia and Africa over 25 years.

As a consultant – trainer in the last five (5) years, I have consulted and developed in-house strategy and operational frameworks on a variety of Organisational Development (OD) initiatives for several agencies in Singapore and in South and South-east Asia. In addition, I have developed and delivered full-day workshops, online courses and multiple webinars for overseas and Singapore audiences on career, well-being and mental health topics on Zoom, developing core curriculum, supporting materials and course material in the process.


Life and Professional Coaching and Mindfulness Practice

In the past five years, I have trained as a transformational coach and partnered with more than 90 individuals, emerging leaders and changemakers to guide them to making an impact in the world by discovering and aligning first with their gifts, meaning and purpose in their lives. Marrying my 20 years’ experience of applying mindful approaches and practices, I lead my clients to bring wellness and restoring balance to their lives by applying wellness principles and mind-body-spirit practices, where applicable.

My mindfulness training has been supported by teachers of the mind-body-spirit traditions of India, Russia, South Africa, Scandinavia and South America.


I received leadership training as follows:

• Social Leadership Singapore (2010) at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, Singapore
• Non-Profit Management for the 21st Century (2012) at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore,
• Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management (2013) at the Harvard Business School, USA

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science Degree (Second Class Honours) from the National University of Singapore in 1994.

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